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Strengthen Your Stamina

Single use Ketone shots proven to boost athletic performance & recovery

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Hey Athlete.

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Train Harder

Endurance athletes shaved 23 seconds off their mile times during clinical trials

Recover Faster

48% higher post-workout reserves (glycogen storage) to support recovery

Stoke: Workout Jet Fuel

How it Works

The body makes Ketones as part of it’s natural and ongoing process

  • Standard Ketone levels are low & sluggish b/c of our stressful, carb-heavy lifestyle (come on, we all love our bread and pasta)
  • Unless you're into serious fasting, it’s tough to improve your natural Ketone production
  • Stoke boosts your Ketone levels to improve your workouts and recovery

How it works

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When to Drink

Stoke works best with an overall lifestyle of athletics and diet

  • Morning - stoke your metabolism and pounce on cognitive benefits
  • Pre Workout - to prepare your body for high-energy endurance
  • During Workout - for best post exercise recovery

When to Drink

Get Stoked!

Convenient for You

Developed in collaboration with a Peloton of endurance athletes who pressure tested all elements

  • Products designed with input directly from customers
  • Take on the go - toss it in your gym bag, cycling jersey, or yoga pants
  • We sell directly to you - no middlemen, fair prices

For Athletes, By Athletes

We develop the products you ask for that make you more productive.

What's in It?


12g of Ketones (BHB)
Paired w/ Electrolytes for hydration
Added Nootropics for cognitive clarity
All natural. Vegan. Gluten Free. Tasty.

Ryan Garvin, Pro Triathlete

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Fuel Your Workout with Stoke

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Heavily Tested

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CEO Road Tested

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