The world's most tested productivity drink.

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Life's a game of inches. Why not tilt the math in your favor? Brain food designed to give you the mental clarity to focus on what matters, not just the to-do list. Validated by UCLA-trained PhD neuroscientists in our Performance Science Lab in Los Angeles, CA.

Boost your coffee, for the nootropics rookie
  • 12oz bag of beans & 20 focus sticks
  • Combine one stick with a cup of your daily brew
  • Coffee enhanced with nutrients for stamina and clarity
  • Taste-neutral; doesn't get in the way of your favorite roast
Customer favorite, the world’s most tested productivity drinks
  • Box of 1oz nutrient dense, daily nootropic shots
  • Designed to be taken regularly, and whenever you need a boost. Optimal results seen within 1-2 weeks.
  • Superior absorption for faster response
  • Increase your natural time “in the zone”
No frills power and precision, a daily regimen for the nootropics purist
  • Complete daily stack of nootropics + algae-based DHA (brains love good fats!)
  • Designed to be taken regularly, optimal results seen 2-3 weeks
  • Lightweight and portable, nothing fancy
  • Designed to help you show up in full, every day


Our UCLA trained neuroscientists measured the brainwaves of CEOs, Artists, and Lawyers to understand the data patterns behind their best days and worst days.

We found the nutrients that worked best for these clients when they were managing stress, juggling distractions, and thinking on their feet.

Our members help further the understanding of the brain. We donate a portion of proceeds to the Brain Research Institute at UCLA.