Wake up smarter.

Enhance your coffee with natural ingredients clinically proven to boost focus and lower stress.

Proven to harness caffeine and generate more alpha brainwaves (flow state)

Improve stress response vs. caffeine alone

All-natural, plant-based ingredients

Taste-neutral; doesn't get in the way of your favorite roast

Combine one stick with your daily brew





Superior Absorption

Made in California

All Natural Flavorings

Sustainable Solutions

Active Ingredients



For centuries, a beverage with L-Theanine has been helping people focus: green tea. In the right ratios, a combination of L-Theanine and caffeine have been shown to improve cognitive performance and increase subjective alertness.

  • + focus
  • + stress response

Alpha GPC


Think of Alpha-GPC as raw fuel for the brain. It's a premium source of choline and a building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is thought to be responsible for focus and memory. It's a great pairing with coffee because the stimulant effect of caffeine can quickly exhaust your brain's natural supply. Choline can be found in spinach, bok choy and other foods.

  • + mental endurance
  • + memory

Born and backed by neurotech brainwave data

Dr. Andrew Hill leads the team of TruBrain neuroscientists that have helped CEOs, hedge fund managers, and artists achieve new levels of performance by using advanced neurotech devices to measure their brainwaves data when they were deep in thought, managing stress, juggling distractions, and thinking on their feet. This is our passion.

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